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Hello Fans,
I know many of you have been wondering where in the Hades we have been. If any of you read Robert's Live Journal you would know that BM have been 'on haitus' or have heard something of that sort. It is true, Robert and I have realized we no longer wish to embrace the dancier side of electronic music the way we previously had from 2002-2005 and are returning to other projects - musical, art and others that interest us. HOWEVER........

There is a good albums' worth of material we will be working on, as a last CD, or at least a last representation of who we were and how we were transforming. We will release this last album to the public - at this point I'm not sure on what level, but at least through our website. There are some great songs that are begging to be released and we feel can't 'let them die' just because our preferences have changed.

In more news...... My personal ethereal project MANDRAGORA is still in the works and no release date as of yet but fans of BM should take notice as those who have loved the "heavenly vocal" and medieval styled vocals I have done in the past will be overjoyed (hopefully!) I may take over a portion of the BM message board (The Circle) at some point, devoting it to my new project for those interested. (http://www.butterflymessiah.com/sidhe/) for now...

Robert Davis has started his website showcasing his music production, writings, and art..... please see ROBERT DAVIS PRODUCTIONS - robertdavis.info

--leave a message on his livejoural telling him how cool his retro glasses are cause he likes that stuff ;) haha --- --(livejournal.com/users/butterflyrobert)

Robert and I also have plans for a rock band as yet unnamed. We will update everyone when time tells.

Thanks for sticking by....... forever yours ,
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please help meh

I am going to sound rather strange...in adore Butterfly messiah. ive only just resently heard about them from a friend and now im in love with them. I have a few songs of theres on my computer as that is all I can get hold of,and ive not go enough money this monrth to buy one of there albums but I shall soon. BUT if anyone has any of there songs on your computer or what not please can you comment and send me some please?  would be a great help <3 <3


Thanks x.x.x Love louise x.x.x

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give us a retrospect

ok, so in a feeble attempt to get some kind of something going on here, even if it is just for a short period of time, i am posing this quetion to everyone, except band members cause, well, the're the band and stuff ;p

post or reply, how did you discover butterfly messiah and what was the first song you ever heard from them? what was your reaction? anything you want about your first encounter with BM's music.

i discovered them through "asleep by dawn," a free magazine put out seasonly through dancing ferret discs onnline store isotank. the song was "it's time" and i listened to it so much that i actually can't listen to the song on that cd anymore due to over-playing-scratches! i remember that it had the perfect music, such that it instantly took me to my "happy place," if you will. images leaped into my head in an all framiliar, yet new and exciting way. really a very rare occurance, especially to take me to "that place." the only other band that's been able to do that for me like BM, is the birthday massacre, especially their song "video kid."

so that's my (short) story, please share yours!
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the time has come

welcome all to the first ever butterfly messiah livejournal community! i couldn't understand why there wasn't one already out there, so i took into my own hands. i still have a few loose ends to tie up with the creation, but all is looking good. if you have any suggestions please feel free, especially for the interests section.

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